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One of a kind face mask is designed to perfectly hug facial contours for better and deliver nutrients that your skin needs, leaves skin super-smooth, dewy and youthful looking. Vitamin B3 Mask can deeply hydrating and brightening your skin.

size30 ml/ 6 sheets

Best apply at night before bed. 


Regenerate your skin with the extracts of natural organic plants and international patented technologies. RE'MELN SKIN Multi-Action Treatment Essence will deeply moisturize, brightening, repair and activate our skin cells to restores skin immunity system. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Size: 120 ml/ bottle

Best apply at day and night after cleaning skin.


RE' MELN SKIN - Ultra Lifting Premium Silk Mask or RE' MELN SKIN - KRYSTL Vitamin B3 Mask x3


RE' MELN SKIN - Multi-action Treatment Essence x2


It only takes 10 minutes to see the result of lifting (V face) by eliminating face puffiness. It also replenishes skin and build protective barrier on your skin to resist the exterior environmental damage as well as effectively fight melanin, improve dark spots and uneven skin tone. Highly nourishing and whitening, brightens your skin from the inside out.

size: 30 ml/ 6 sheets

Best apply at day before outings