OHYES - Freeze Dried Strawberries
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Korea Freeze Dried Strawberries Crunchy 
Origin: Korea import
Weight: 50g
Expiry Date: 8-10 months
Dried fruit have a longer shelf life than fresh fruit
Orders will deliver in 10 days after payment made.

* FD (Abbreviated as Freeze Drying) Vacuum Freeze-Drying Technology.
* Crunchy in Every Bite; Every Bite is Full & Delicious.
* Taste Crispy; First Bite Crispy, Second Bite Pleasantly Sweet, Third Bite Indulge In Pleasures Without Stop.
* No Additives, Crispy Texture. No longer need to wash and peel and cut into pieces as usual to eat fruit. Can eat anytime, anywhere.
* Snack options for Adults, Children, Pregnant Women, and The Elderly.
* Freeze-Dried Crunchy Strawberry can be Mix & Match with Yogurt, Salad, Bread & etc.


Storage Method:-
After opens the packaging, make sure close it back tightly or not it will turns soft & not crunchy anymore. (Store in the refrigerator to make it crispy)
Suggest place in the refrigerator to extend the texture shelf life & taste more crispy & delicious.

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